Landlord Law Blog Roundup for May 2024

Here are all out blog posts for May.

Wednesday 1st May

Urban Myth – tenants have GOT to move out at the end of the section 21 notice period

I relay some truths about section 21 in my Urban Myths series

Friday 3rd May

Landlord Law Newsround #337

Our first Newsround for May

Landlord Law Blog Roundup for April 2024

Our roundup for posts for April

Monday 6th May

Tenant questions about tenancy agreement clauses and periodic tenancies

This was a questions asked by a tenancy via my Blog Clinic

Thursday 9th May

How are landlords dealing with the cost of living crisis?

Read my blog on how landlords are coping with ever increasing costs

Friday 10th May

Landlord Law Newsround #338

Weekly housing news updates and more

Tuesday 14th May

If my landlord sells my rented property does this mean I have to move out?

This was a question from a tenant asked via my Blog Clinic

Friday 17th May

Landlord Law Newsround #339

Another week and another Newsround

Why the delays and uncertainty around the Renters Reform Bill are becoming the main problem

I delve into why uncertainty is not good for landlords or the government

Tuesday May 21st

An interview with Jan Hytch of Propertymark – Part 1

Listen to the first part of my interview with Jan who has set up a new helpline

Wednesday 22nd May

Do I have to pay my agent’s referencing fees if I decide not to accept the tenant?

This was a question asked from a landlord via my Blog Clinic

Friday 24th May

Landlord Law Newsround #340

Our weekly Newsround

Monday 27th May

Election 2024 – Key Dates and how to vote

Read the first of my blogs on election-related issues

Tueday 28th May

Election 2024 How changing the law on lodgers could make rented property more affordable

Would allowing tenants to take in lodgers solve the housing problems?

An interview with Jan Hytch of Propertymark – Part 2

Listen to the second part of my interview with Jan Hytch

Thursday 30th May

Election 2024 – Can Labour abolish ‘right to rent’ checks, please?

Read my blog on why I think right to rent checks should go

Friday 31st May

Landlord Law Newsround #341

Our last Newsround for May

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