Landlord Law Newsround #332

Landlord Law Blog NewsroundHere we are again at another Newsround. We kick off this weeks Newsround with rent controls, as we see that this has been more prevalent in the news lately.

Scottish landlords unanimously say ‘no’ to rent controls

90% of landlords in Scotland have rejected rent controls being introduced after the existing emergency legislation of rent controls ends in April. The Scottish government is pushing to deliver a new deal for tenants though a Housing Bill.

John Blackwood, Chief Executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords said

The prospect of future rent controls is one of the reasons landlords are telling us they are selling up and leaving the sector.

However Patrick Harvie, Tenants’ Rights Minister countered this comment with:-

Rent control systems are widespread across Europe, including in some countries with larger private rented sectors than in Scotland.

However, as reported in a national newspaper only yesterday, the greatest rent rises are in Scotland with the rent cap and eviction ban being blamed for this whilst rents in other areas of the UK appear to be falling.

Do rent controls loom for London?

Down south in England the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is also pushing for rent controls and has been for over five years, He wants the power to implement rent control on the private renting sector which he says represents 30% of housing in the capital. He want’s the government to impose an immediate two year rent freeze to stop tenants being pushed into homelessness.

Sir Kier Starmer, whilst stating that he is in general opposed to rent controls said that he would work ‘very closely’ with Sadiq Khan going forward, should he gain leadership.

A poll last autumn found that over one third of private landlords would sell up if rent controls came into force in their area, with 37% reducing their portfolio.

We will have to watch how this develops, as the rent control debate does not seem to be going away any time soon.

Sharp rise in landlords dissatisfaction

The Property Redress Scheme has published its annual report and its stats are pretty stark. In 2023 only 52% of landlords are satisfied with their financial returns which is down from 79% in 2022. In addition to this 62% said that the government no longer supports them which is a rise of 42% in 2022.

Agent complaints were also up by 20% compared to 2022 with the Redress Scheme investigating 55% more cases despite their complaint rate falling. 67.5% of landlords and 58.3% of agents felt that legislation is also proving to be the biggest challenge.

Sean Hooker, Head of the Redress Scheme says

The notable increase in financial awards underlines the growing volume of complaints, compounded by a lack of engagement from a minority of members.

Overall, there has been a large fall in landlords wishing to stay in the market, with only 57% stating that they will remain as landlords, whereas this was as high as 80% in 2022.

And let’s end on a positive note this week.

Landlords support over 390,000 jobs and incomes

A report carried out by PwC claims that landlords in England and Wales support more than 390,000 jobs through various supply chains and generates £45 billion in gross value added (GVA) for the UK economy. The report says these are small to medium sized landlords with 15 or less properties.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the NRLA who commissioned the report along side Paragon Bank said

What this report makes clear is how the private rented sector plays a pivotal role in providing high-quality employment, as well as desperately needed private rented accommodation, across the UK. These findings also underline how further growth could help the PRS to underpin a significant number of additional jobs over the coming years.


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There will be no Newsround next week as it is Good Friday, but we will  be back the week after.

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